Overheard a chat at a ‘smokers corner’ this morning. Few guys were discussing about nuclear proliferation. Wow, some serious shit they were discussing! Have you noticed that when we have nothing to say, the weather condition seems to be the favorite topic to initiate a conversation with strangers? “Nice weather today aah – yeah, I hope it will not rain today – it’s a bit cold today – weather was terrible yesterday..” that kinda weather-conversation crap you know what I mean.  So what I heard this morning was an extraordinary topic of discussion.

Personally I don’t actually care much of the nuke updates and shit like that, but I could not stay away from flipping papers on North Korea Nuke test and Iran Nuke program. Call it whatever terms you may, nuclear proliferation is by all means developed to protect oneself against potential enemy and once it is activated, at the worst case intensity, it could wipe us all up. That is pretty creepy…

We have IAEA to monitor but it does not do crap to resolve anything here. How could they, if they have their balls tied to the UN, they are not really independent per se. Most world issues are pretty straight forward to resolve but with the presence of politic and conspiracy, things are getting somewhat thorny. This nuclear proliferation is one bad ass for human race – and that’s the fact. If we still believe that the nuclear weapons are okay for the good guys and not okay for the bad guys, then you will never see anything resolved forever. For me, if you want to put a total stop to it, fuck the politics and impose a big NO to any country to develop one. 

The head of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog said in an interview that al-Qaida and other … Al-Qaida sought nuke, says ElBaradei warns of ‘most horrible scenario,


~ by pickholes on November 4, 2006.

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