Pervert teachers say sorry over skirt-lifting…wtf!

“.. two teachers of a primary school here, who forced their pupils to lift their skirts up to see who was menstruating after a used sanitary pad was found in a washbasin outside the toilet, have apologized to the pupils and the parents…” The Star Malaysia, 11 Nov 2007. 

If there are things that could drive me to killing someone, then this is it. I just cannot take the fact that someone who has been given the trust to mold the future generation is doing something so despicable. These are individuals that have chosen to be educators. I said this before in my previous posting when one sick psychopathic teacher used a hammer to penalize the pupil. During my schooling days, there were of course slaps, spanking, ear twisting and good old ketuk ketampi, but I’d never experience seeing or heard any of these humiliation punishment. Regardless of how legitimate the teacher’s motives may have been in initiating the reprimand, the impacts on our children are actually more than showing the colors of their panties. If you ask me, these brain-dead perverts should be tied to a pole and have their dicks shot into pieces, it they were female teachers, just shove the pole up their asses!

Physical abuses are seen, as a parent I am more worry about other mistreatment the teachers are giving to our children emotionally. The yelling, other verbal abuses and children are made fun of and ridiculed in front of an entire class; all these that have negative consequences on behavioral development of our children. 

I have taken this somewhere for us to share:-
Verbal Abuse of Children. What are signs that a child is suffering from verbal abuse?

  1. Negative self-image. This is the most common and pervasive effect of verbal abuse. Your child may say things like, “I’m stupid,” or, “Nobody likes me.” Or he may simply seem withdrawn, sullen, or depressed, all of which can be signs of a poor self-image. In defining emotional abuse, the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse says that it “attacks a child’s … sense of self-worth.”
  2. Self-destructive acts. “Cutting” (using razor blades or knives to cut his own skin) and all forms of self-injury signal a problem, as do other reckless activities that put your child in danger.
  3. Antisocial behavior. study found that verbally abused children demonstrated higher rates of physical aggression, delinquency, and interpersonal problems. Your child may hit other children, frequently quarrel with his classmates, or be cruel to (or even torture) animalsl”.
  4. Delayed development.The slowdown may appear in your child’s physical, social, academic, or emotional development. He may have difficulty making friends, fall behind in school, or engage in regressive acts such as rocking, bed-wetting, and thumb-sucking.

~ by pickholes on November 11, 2006.

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