stupid bitch!

I renewed my subscription to cable TV last week, and it was one hell of a fucked-up experience. The lady manning the counter was a bitch from hell! The call center called reminded me to renew the subscription the week before, so I went there to renew and apparently there was a promotion of some sort. Fact is there is only one cable operator here with no competition whatsoever, so the so called promotion was not like a REAALL promotion per se, but well I can play along with that.

So the “promotion” went something like 35% off if you are in Government sector and 25% off if you are not. I am from Government sector (in a way that is), so I told her and gave her my ID (indicating that I am with this government-linked company). And what do you know, this ignorant bitch asked me to go back and come back with a document proving my company is a government linked company. I said she was out of her mind, I wasn’t gonna go back while she was sitting on her fat ass and bring her some papers just because of her ignorance. I said the operator should have some sort of database or simple listing showing what companies are g-linked. The lady bitch was adamant, and missus who were playing observer at first could not hold herself up and jumped in with more pretentious spat. Well, I thought we could not win, I calmed the situation down with sarcastic remark and paid the due.

Some people just fail to understand basic concept!


~ by pickholes on November 13, 2006.

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