This is just something that went whooshing through my mind when I read the e-news this morning. It made me ponder though.. (how some of us fuckers are not being grateful…)

One news says,

“Based on the precipitation prediction for the coming November-December-January period, below normal rainfalls are expected only over southern Peninsular, northeastern Sarawak and north-southeastern Sabah while over northwestern states of the Peninsular, rainfalls are expected to be above normal. The other states are expected to receive normal rainfalls. Meanwhile, in the January-February-March period, northeastern Sarawak and the whole of Sabah are expected to receive below normal rainfalls while southwestern Sarawak is expected to receive above normal rainfalls. The other states in the country are expected to receive rainfalls within the normal range. However, the ECMWF model has predicted that the Indonesian region, particularly over the southeast Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan, as well as the Philippines will experience drier weather conditions from now until early 2007.” Malaysia Meteorological Department.

The other says,

“Three war clouds hang over the Middle East. The first represents the possibility of American or Israeli military action against Iran’s nuclear installations. The second represents the threat of a fresh civil war in Lebanon. The third points to the growing threat of military clash between Israel and Syria. While all three clouds are thickening to become more threatening, the third appears the most likely to break into actual thunder and storm. The issue formed a key part of the talks between President George W. Bush and visiting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Washington recently.”

Just how different these two are…the former article was forecasting on weather outlook, whilst the latter was predicting a war outlook.

Imagine how diverse the impacts of these forecasts would have on those affected people. One joker man from one part of the world would have to fret about how it’ll implicate his golf-coaching session or his daily life routine – would they be able to go out tanning, shopping and doing his other normal sexual related errands under the forecasted weather, whilst on the other part of the world, a man would have to worry about how to safeguard his family, feed them, how to evacuate them, moving precious stuff or even dislocating the family to somewhere else.



~ by pickholes on November 22, 2006.

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