SUMOla… Afdlin Shauki guy is funny

When I was in the state (that was like decades ago), I enjoyed ‘Stand-up comics’ – never missed watching ’em on TV. Some popular comedians at that time were Eddie Murphy, Robin William, Billy Crystal etc.. These guys are really funny, just about every word coming from them are hilarious.

Back home, performing comedy before live audience was not really there yet. Only of late, we see more and more of our local comedians trying their talent on this – some are really trying too hard….

Afdlin Shauki is one of them that I always admire; he is so hilariously funny….that selamba-chubby-face really works for him. This guy is producing and directing film now, I’m not really up-to-date of his curriculum vitae (there are other films like Buli or something…), but I’ve seen one of his films (VCD my daughter bought) that crack the helluva me, Baik Punya Cilok. It was one good movie – the part where the Taiko speak Kelantanese English just threw me rolling on the floor laughing. And there is this, the latest film by Afdlin due this year, SUMOla. I’ve read the synopsis and it sounds funny, well… I wil have to wait until next year when we are back on vacation to get the VCD version.


~ by pickholes on December 12, 2006.

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