Honda CBR600RR

My bro who left the country few weeks ago after resigning from the last job is coming back here for another better job. This time I hope it’s for good, I have seen the offer, and I’d be damn if he leaves this company. He is coming this weekend, alone, leaving the missus and kids. Though the job offer includes family packages but he said he wouldn’t bring the family along for the time being. That’s ok as long as he can stand commuting half of the globe every now and then to visit his kids. The room he rented before he left is still there unoccupied, so he can just continue renting the rooms, it’s cheap with utilities go with it.

OK, not that I am bouncing around here waiting for him, but for some reasons, what enthuses me more is the fact that he is gonna get himself a CBR600RR when he gets here. Actually he had been eyeing on this for months, and told me that this time he’s dead serious about getting his ass on one of these nasty beast. I love big bike (not that Harley-gay type but sports-bike), it just fucking blow my brain out when I see one on the road. But missus just doesn’t feel like sharing my enthusiasm and hence daunting me from getting one myself.

During my schooling days, I (and buddies) owned RXS125 and oh boy you should see just how bad that poor bike was mutilated by us – modified, upgraded, painted, changed here and there and all sorta disfigurement done just to catch-up with the current trend. But it was fun though. May be when bro buy one for him, I can borrow it for one or two days, and take missus for a good ronda ronda around town. May be she’ll enjoy it and think we should get one ourself….cross my finger..


~ by pickholes on December 13, 2006.

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