When it rains, it really rain

Last weekend, my trip to one of our favorite restaurant ended up in a hellish traffic nightmare. A trip that would normally take us a swift 20 minutes top to reach, did not take us there at all. It was raining, and we were stalled in traffic for close to two hours before missus co-pilot advised instructed to turn back at first sighted exit – thanks to 90% of fuckhead road users who obviously just didn’t have the courage to run over a small patch of water without slowing down to 2km an hour that caused all the traffic mega fucked-up.

Fact is rain is a very exceptional phenomenon here, so when it does, for some reasons it turns off everything including the brain. All of a sudden, people just becomes retard and cannot drive, they slow down (I mean reaallly slow down), stop, avoiding water patch, turning on hazard lights for un-fucking-known reasons and all sorts of moronic driving precautious …I mean all these sudden transformation of driving attitude just affect the normal flow of traffics.

The place that we planned to go is an Indian restaurant, not just an everyday Indian restaurant, believe me these people really cook some delectable dishes here. They have these masala-this, masala-that and some other tongue-twisted cuisine that I can hardly spell here or even any attempt to pronounce will risk severe choking, listed on the menu, and they are damn deliciously good.

It really pissed me off that night, I really wanted to go.


~ by pickholes on December 16, 2006.

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