Making money on-line is so old-fashioned

Making money on-line is no longer the in-thing now, here is another way.

One bonehead cashier squandered RM650K from the bank he was working with by claiming that he was hypnotized to surrendering the money to someone else. Police refused to buy the story and he was arrested for further investigation.

Hey… not a bad idea to make big bucks. Only had he made up his story a bit more sensible, he would’ve hopping around 650K richer. Unfortunately, I presume numbskull here was good at squandering the money but not as artistic at creating a good plot. Obviously at 650K, nobody will buy a pathetic hypnotism storyline, may be it works well in the land of supernatural like Indonesia, but not in Cukai (hipnotik gapo ko bondo tu..).

I’d say the only skill that he’s lacking here is the creativity, I mean; this is something that we can learn, right??

Malaysian are bunch of creative lot, just look at this Usop Selam guy and his Sembilung1, 2, 3 (seriously I don’t count..), Marinam Marianam, Gerak Khas-khas, if they weren’t so realistic, do you think he could easily raked millions from our acne-faced youth…

NST, 18 Dec 2006
Zainuddin Muhammad

KUALA TERENGGANU: A bank in Cukai, Kemaman discovered RM650,000 was missing from its accounts and its chief cashier claimed he was hypnotised into surrendering the money to some people.

State Police Chief Senior Assistant Commissioner (1) Acryl Sani said the chief cashier’s story was too good to be true. Following an investigation, he said two suspects were detained and RM72,050 recovered from them. Police are investigating the case under Section 408 of the Penal Code for criminal breach of trust.

They are looking for xxxxxxx — to help with the probe. His last-known address is Jalan xxxxxxx, Kuantan, or Dxxx, Jalan xxxxxxxx, Kuantan.


~ by pickholes on December 18, 2006.

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