Mat full of it.

I’ve just about had it with this Mat Rempit. I have no direct unpleasant encounter with this group of disoriented youth, but the nauseating news about mat rempit pops up almost everyday, and of late there are even more and more – it’s like an epidemic or something. I don’t know whether to hate them or to feel sorry for them, this group of adolescent is so confused.

It’s not like I am really concern about this fucked up youth, cause I have like thousand other things in life to worry about, but the rempit statistic does not seem to show a manageable number. You can flip the newspaper and there is always ghastly news on this problematic youth lifestyle.

The thing is I just don’t get it why would someone live a lifestyle that could undoubtedly risk his or her life. What do you expect of the consequent would be if you ride two wheeler dangerously and hazardously, zig zagging traffics or racing – (ok fine if you win, may be you get girls, but lets not get there).

Well I can comprehend burglar, mugger, pickpocket, robber, thieve or the likes, coz I can see what they are getting (though they sometime get caught). Likewise, I can well understand youth thronging video arcades or pool/billiard centers till wee hours, or datuk datuk and abang abang frequenting Karaoke centers, because these are superbly fun. But racing your bikes dangerously and get not a thing out of it…..I don’t get it…never mind.

And what are the ‘People of Power” doing about it. All I heard or read are some lame talk-cock explanations on what should be done to circumvent these bunch of screwed-up mind youth. There were talks on initiating youth program and some other initiatives that supposedly to attract the youth to participate hence filing up their useless time with something beneficial. Off course, these people of power are god gifted at talking purely cocks (you know what I mean…you probably have heard that on TV – some low tone voice of our leaders giving the talk cock enlightenment on how to resolve this problem, ) but have the authority or relevant ministry actually done something that they said should’ve be done. I doubt. ..

Too much of explanation on what should be done is just too much without actually doing something about it.? Ok in all fairness to our relevant people of power, may be they have done a little something but looking at the current situation, it does not seem to address the problem very well; mat rempit is still bermaharajalela out there.

If you ask my lay-back-fart-all-the-time opinion, I’d suggest a total ban by government in making or importing of small bikes, just go for 1000cc and above. Ok smart ass would probably ask what about those people who genuinely need small bikes, I’d say just live with it, we don’t have that kinda bike here no more. Improve the transportation system in the city and that will work out fine. You can’t just satisfy the need of people of all walks of life.


~ by pickholes on December 20, 2006.

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