Flood? what flood..?

People were shock, worn-out and things were in a total fucking disorder. For those affected poor-souls, everything about life was off from the normal routine. And the Meteorological Department was reporting more downpours to be expected in couple more days.

Our dear Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Politician idiotically said Typhhon Utor is to be blamed (duh….tell us something new…) but our Meteorological Department believed the rains were not the sole reason for the floods as there were other immense contributing factors such as the fucked-up development and the drainage system in those affected area. 

Our Datuk Seri Number One is currently busy refuting rumors on his recent purchase of a boat. Number One said it’ was “mengarut”, he knew nothing about purchasing a boat *wink.. wink* (well, he knew nothing about buying a boat, but he sure knows something about buying a 40 foot “Yacht”)


~ by pickholes on December 21, 2006.

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