Forget Kancil or Myvie, with this, you can win a Jet!

“DUBAI — Ever thought of winning a plane? As a prize, that is! Sounds too good to be true? Wait a moment. As in the past, Dubai announced yet another surprise to the world, by offering, for the first time ever, a chance to win a plane. The offer comes as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) bonanza that kicked off yesterday.”

“Damac Properties, a ‘Support Sponsor’ of the event, yesterday announced their DSF promotions, wherein shoppers can try their luck at winning a brand new Eclipse 500 Jet, worth Dh5.5 million. The real estate company will also present a Jaguar to every new customer buying a Damac property during the DSF 2006.”, AlKhaleej Times, 21 Dec 2006

That’s what Dubai Shopping Festival can offer you folks, that’s if you are thinking of shopping around this part of the world. DSF as it is called here is celebrated every year. It s a grand festival (read G.R.A.N.D, I mean fucking huge festival), the yearly festival started in 1996, and since then it has been a growing success every year. Imagine statistic says the 45 days festival attracted 3.3 million visitors with their money thrown in close to a whopping Dh7 billion last year, and the rates are expected at an increase of 6 percent every year.

The theme has always been One World, One Family, One Festival – cool theme would you think. DSF is a classics case of a success branding, it is a Dubai trademark.

Actually, DSF is not about shopping as there are like thousand other events (you can google to find out the details). I took my family there for the past three years for a couple of days, we were not really there shopping (though missus just couldn’t help it with items that went on a mucho discounted prices), but just to be there enjoying the festive ambiance – the kids just loved it.

Accommodation during DSF is a bitch, the rate goes sky-rocket, probably at a similar escalation index of a roti canai during Langkawi LIMA. It is just ridiculous, but others are basically OK.

We are going (when the kids come back), but this time we will get the kids to fill up every possible form there are for every cheapskate items that we purchase for Lucky or Raffle draw. Hey, who knows, with our cheapskate purchases, we might end up going on our next vacation with our private jet! (Note: the jet is only for Damac property buyer)


~ by pickholes on December 22, 2006.

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