Eid at hometown

I am taking a short break. I am flying home tonight; missus and kids are already there, cannot wait to see them.

And as usual, just as I want to get the hell outta here, there always seem to be loads of office shits that unpredictably pop-up from nowhere and piling-up your in tray that kinda make you feel freaking guilty of leaving. Swear to god… this shit happens to me whenever I am about to take off for my vacation, every time.

I mean, it wasn’t like this like days or weeks ago, it just all of a sudden come pouring on you on your very last day before you pack. I hate it, it just screw up the mood ..

And to top that off, today, my new boss came in reporting for duty today (former boss promoted to other position – you lucky dude). Imagine, this morning I was busy welcoming him, patting and waxing him real good and briefing him like hell all about office and work and tomorrow…he’d probably go.. “hey where the hell is that guy who was here yesterday… “


~ by pickholes on December 24, 2006.

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