Happy New Year, may 2007 marks the start of a year full of joyous days of happiness, health… bla bla, no, I’m not gonna write that wishing crap here.

Back at office today, recollecting what I left. My trip home was short and strenuous as hell but I managed to be and to do most stuff that I planned. Was not a smooth trip, as usual, the airline that I took fucked me with unbearable delay to and fro. Actually I kinda knew this would happen, this airline is known suck – big time! not once in my entire traveling life has this airline departed on time – my recent trip was just adding to the record. I idiotically loyal to them because they are the only airline that offer a direct flight home – bummer!

Arrived late last night, bro was there waiting. On the way back, we stopped for shawarma before he dropped me off. I was not really exhausted when I got home (as I was sleeping through-out the entire journey), I unpacked my luggage and the nicely wrapped box that missus asked me to tag on with me. The box that almost got me taxed for excess luggage weight was compactly stuffed with things missus thought “you can not find that here” which I silently beg to differ (I am sure they are here somewhere!!). Ok, may be you can not get some of the items here.

Amongst the “you-cannot-find’em-here’ stuff, there was one whole stack of VCDs too, CINTA was there too. So I watched CINTA, and I have to agree with some critics, it was one good and touchy movie. I am not a pro critics, hence I don’t know how to artistically put on my comment but suffice to say its different from the rest of local film that I happened to see on TV. Love is not about the love that we’ve been shoved in year-in year-out by our cheap low class local blood sucking producers – you know what I mean – that awi-era sembilung kinda love, its more than that. Go and get the VCD –  ori, pirates – fuck…who cares!

I watched “Borat! – Culture Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”, right after that. I’d say the guy who made this sick movie should be tied to a pole and shot dead. It was a blatant dumb movie, down right stupid! I watched halfway and went to bed.

There are more VCDs that I plan to see them tonight.


~ by pickholes on January 3, 2007.

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