Don’t grow old, just grow up

The world is getting smaller and people are getting more and more mobile. Chances that our life paths may cross someday at some point are bigger and bigger. The moral, don’t take relationship for granted. Just don’t burn the bridge whenever you cross over as you’ll never know when you need to be back again.

Nights ago, a friend called to join him for dinner with some hometown folks from Saudi. They were here traveling by land from Saudi, Abu Dhabi all the way to Salalah. I thought I’d be meeting some new faces, but it turned out to be some very familiar faces. Those people were my ex-colleague when I was working in one of the African continent country years ago! Amazing, years ago when we bid farewell, we’d never thought of meeting again.

That’s life. One has to be always nice to each other. It’s true that life doesn’t get easier with age as it only gets more demanding to sustain being humble and nice. Nevertheless, don’t loose it, we don’t grow old, we just grow up.


~ by pickholes on January 6, 2007.

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