JAKIM to save marriage on-line

Jakim goes online to save Muslim marriages, NST 07 Jan 2007.

Jakim is looking at Internet marriage counseling to reduce the rising divorce rate among Muslims.
Islamic Development Department director-general Datuk Mustapha Abdul Rahman said yesterday couples facing marital strife would no longer have to go to religious offices for help. “Those facing marital problems or those who want advice from our officers can get it by way of an interactive counseling session via the Internet.” Mustapha said it was time the religious authorities provided such a service as “people are very busy these days and they hardly have the time to attend counseling sessions”. “If it is implemented, then it will be of great relief and help to them.”

This is a joke. The Jakim goes on line. Just what made you think that ‘a very busy people” will have ample time to sit in front of a computer but no time to attend counseling? Another thing, with your staff attitude, just what make you believe they would be pleasant to you on line if they can be so nasty in front of your face? And another, if this goes through; just make sure the website is updated.

Frankly, I think they are just trying to be seen sophisticated, that’s all, not much of an effort to improve their awful service to people. I’d say their priority setting is fucked up. If the department is really thinking of improving its services, the first thing that they should have looked into is to send their staff to courses (or brain transplant) just to make them grasp the fact that they are working in a service oriented department, they are there to help, and that they are paid by people (and they have to be in office 8 hours a day with one hour lunch break).


~ by pickholes on January 7, 2007.

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