My days crawl..

My days here seem so damn long without kids and missus. I hate it. Weekdays aren’t that bad as time is pretty much consumed with work and gym right after work, but weekends kill me. My bro is at site which is like 2,000kms away from here, or else late night tea and shisha sessions with him would help to alleviate my hell-dullness.

Sigh…just another two more days before kids and missus are back, cannot wait (o boy am I a real family man or what?).


Muscat Festival has started on 1 Jan but I have not been to any of the events – I don’t feel like wondering there alone. For some reasons, this year winter temperature is unusually low at night; it sometime goes down to 14 – hence sitting at home has naturally been the preferred option to me.

I read 2007 Festival is somewhat different from past years, it is said to be more spectacular. It is indeed, I read in local daily, there are more events, activities and entertainment, more overseas participants and more places of attractions. There are cultural event, heritage villages and some other traditional shows at Qurum, shows and games at the beaches and family events at some shopping malls which I will find out later when missus and kids are here.


~ by pickholes on January 7, 2007.

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