Bush to answer tough Democrat questions..

US politic have becoming more entertaining with Democrat controlling the Congress. Unless you have a god-gifted smart president (not one that went AWOL during National Guard/Vietnam War), a democrat congressional majority situation will just make the prez look plain stupid. I feel sorry……..  


Democrats vow to fight for end of Iraq war

WASHINGTON – The new Democratic majority in the US Congress was poised on Sunday for the first major policy confrontation with President George W. Bush as it declared the nearly four-year war in Iraq “intractable” and demanded its end.
The demand came just days before Bush is scheduled to announce his new strategy for victory in the violence-torn country that is reported to include a plan to bolster the US military presence in Baghdad by up to 20,000 troops and pour into
Iraq millions of dollars of new aid to create jobs.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stopped short of saying Democrats will used their newly-gained power in Congress to block funding for new troop deployments to Iraq should the administration opt for a “surge.” But he promised that congressional Democrats will use upcoming Capitol Hill hearings “to ask tough questions, demand real solutions, and keep working to bring this war to a close.”


~ by pickholes on January 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Bush to answer tough Democrat questions..”

  1. hi

    do you opposite president bush or opposite his policy in Iraq?

  2. hate everything about him, if he has a dog, I hate his dog too!

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