What Mongolian Model?

Missus came back with loads, I mean loads and loads of sizzling-hottest news from back home; the one that really kept me listening was the Mongolian chick murder case. Much heard about this but the latest that came from missus was something else, I do not dare the put the hypothesis down here. It is just too sensitive.

Scumbags come in all different shapes, ranks, positions and mentality. Whilst most always get away scot-free with mess that they’ve created and caused, still there are few dumbfuck who are too dumbfuck to flee. This case could possibly be related to one of that few poor dumfuck. The hearing has just started a couple of days ago, just cross your fingers hoping that the trial will run professionally as it should without high level interruption, if you know what I mean. I expect our Number-one man is aware (awake) to know that the whole world is eyeing on this. Can not wait to see how the whole court drama will link and drag more and more familiar ‘innocent’ people in.

Even as we speak, some goons out there have started shivering and pissing in their pants.


~ by pickholes on January 9, 2007.

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