Jerking-off while others watching

If we wish to remain anonymous from the cyberworld, just don’t ever post your picture on line, ever. I just learned that a company from Sweden, Polar Rose, will soon be launching its services for facial searches. Its kinda search-engine that could help net citizen to find people on the internet. I mean not only “to find” but to find out ALL about you, your name, location et all.

Polar Rose will be tying in with several photos sharing sites to enhance its database, the first will be Flickr. But privacy advocates is having a tough shit with this service as it is deemed to violate people’s rights and potentially aid criminals.

Lee Tien is an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an Internet watchdog group that focuses on privacy and civil liberties. “Photos [posted online] are effectively anonymous now,” Tien said, unless they are labeled with some sort if identifying text. “But if Polar Rose works the way they say it will, that’s all going to change.” Tien said that this kind of technology could aid stalkers in tracking down their victims, or it could allow employers, insurance companies, and the government to pry into people’s lives more than some of us would like. “People are going to have to be more careful about picture-posting and figure out ways they can prevent pictures from being [analyzed] by these search engines,” Tien said. Polar Rose’s CEO said that the company is concerned about privacy. The firm plans to give people ways of removing photos from the company’s database or to avoid having their online photos analyzed and catalogued in the first place.

That how our life will go along with the technology innovative development. Soon, there will be nothing left with us that really belong exclusively to us, we are gonna walk practically naked. Privacy is history. Have you seen “Enemy of the State”, urgh..the part showing Will Smith’s private daily life being remotely monitored via a surveillance satellite cam just gave me the creep. Imagine the day when the cyber-technology proliferation comes to that stage.


~ by pickholes on January 10, 2007.

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