Mahathir, Pak Lah and absurd theory

Bush latest announcement on Iraq strategy is not a new strategy; it is merely an extension to the old strategy which has been proven failed. To ordinary Americans, it means more people will hate you, more body bags will return and more money will be spent.

I just don’t get it, what is it that the US wants out of Iraq exactly?? Saddam is gone, and yet Bush is announcing 20,000 more ground troops to be deployed and putting in a USD100 billion request through congress for approval. He is also prying on Iran and Syria now.  

Argh..forget the Devil and let’s get to something that is closer to home. There are just so many theories and wild speculation of what is actually happening in our local political scene of late. As far as political story telling is concern, every smart ass has his own version and claimed to have drawn it from a very reliable source. Some of the versions are just too bizarre to make-believe, even a person with an IQ score of 65 will take that as a total crap. Some theories go as complicated as developing a new complex algorithm theorem just make me wonder whether Pak lah has that stature of thinking to begin with, what more to believe.

But to me, I have developed sorta fact-checklist to verify the genuineness of version that I’ve heard. Of all the conjectures, the ones that go against any one of these facts will be taken as a total baloney.  

  • Fact is Mahathir and Pak Lah feud is real,
  • Fact is Mahathir sacked Anwar for reason non other than Anwar is rotten to the core
  • Fact is Mahathir is in no position to bar Anwar from getting his ass back to UMNO
  • Fact is Mahathir really wanted Najib to be the PM, but chose Pak Lah as he thought Najib was not ready
  • Facts is Mahathir hates KJ
  • Fact is Ku Li and Muhyidin are not applicable but that KJ’s Singaporean buddy is.

So, when you are out there at Kedai Mamak for a teh-tarek session, feel free to absorb all versions of political drama storyline told by smart ass out there, if you subscribe to my checklist, you can always judge the authenticity.


~ by pickholes on January 13, 2007.

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