Saddam’s billions worth of secret went down the grave

The score is : US 1 and Iraq 0.

Whilst most are baffled over the immediate execution of Saddam, the relevant interested parties are regretting it. I am not stating my position on the aptness of the verdict, but the dashed execution has now left many with lots of questions that only Saddam could possibly answer. I am sure the devil may have its own agenda for favoring the immediate execution but for Iraqis, they are now left numb with billion worth of unanswered questions. The buttfucking US are hopping around relieved as their dirty laundry are well buried with Saddam, Iraqis jaws are hanging low with drooling saliva harboring unanswered questions.

Imagine, according to published source “immediately after the U.S. invasion, troops discovered sealed cottages containing washing-machine-sized stacks of $100 bills. Nearly $500 million was found in Lebanon, according to U.S. officials, who feared that the money had been secreted there to fund future insurgent efforts. But billions of dollars from Hussein’s regime remains missing, said Rahdi, who heads the Commission on Public Integrity,Iraq’s national anticorruption agency. After three years, he said, he has found only a fraction of the funds.”

Now that’s really something. But dollars are not solely the hanging questions here, there are others like the century lasted Iran-Iraq war, Iraq-“doubled-faced US” coalition and how much support the Baath Party has received from US since Reagan, those ‘talked-about’ secret document on US involvement, poison-gas attack on Kurds and Shiah, Oil for Food illegitimate suckers from US, US military support, WMD reality and lists and list of personal questions from the people of Iraqis.

Had Iraq carried out a proper trial without trying to impress the US, bulk of these questions could have been answered. Now tell me who are the loosing numbskulls here??


~ by pickholes on January 14, 2007.

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