Banglo Mewah Mawi – Teratak Bonda Interior

One lucky chap …

I am here, tossed in the middle of nowhere barely getting my ends meet, and this chap is singing his way to extravagance. Well, what can you say, that’s life..



Pix from KOSMO

~ by pickholes on January 16, 2007.

9 Responses to “Banglo Mewah Mawi – Teratak Bonda Interior”

  1. rezki die..

  2. siapa interior designernye…ada kelasssss

  3. cantik rumah

  4. Who the hell are you?

  5. tuah ayam nampak kat kaki tuah manusia tuhan yg bagi..dah rezeki mawi..alhamdulilah.

  6. mmg rezeki die…x dinafikn die mesti ade wat somthing yang baik sampai dapat rezeki yang cam tu…tp yg aku xpuas ati…ssh same ngn ina senang ngn ekin…nk yang lawa je…ina g lawa ade keistimewaan..xcam ekin adik sye kate cam nenek kebayan..xcye tngk la tol2..alasan die putus ngn ina xmsuk akal lngsng

  7. selamat menyambut bln RAMADAN buat Mawi dan family .semoga happy slalu

  8. alhamdulilah..mawi baik orgnye..

  9. What a gem :D It’s a real shame more folks don’t know about this place, this article covered
    just the thing I needed this morning.

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