Kelab Penyokong UMNO

If there is such thing as “Stupidfuck Website Automated Virus Infection” – you know the one that capable to automatically detect stupid website and load some virus into it, this site would have long been infected.

I got this link from an email received from a friend. I’m so naïve, I dint know that there is such a ludicrous club. Kelab Penyokong UMNO website. – sound like a down right big-time joke to me. I mean, there is a club formed to support the party?? Well, I can comprehend the forming of Kelab Penyokong MU or Chelsea – coz you may not be able to join the Club itself, so you might settle on joining the Kelab Penyokong, but UMNO? I mean how stupidfuck can that be. Why can they just join the party instead of forming a club? I am sure that these are all bunch of party members, so what with this Kelab Penyokong crap?? never mind..

Ass-wipers come in different moronic mentality. And just take a wild guess on what kind of articles written in this website..


I like the slogan though “You are not alone, kami bersama mu…” yeah right,  a typical butt-kissers universal slogan. You’re not alone while you are the PM that is, the second you step down; you are on your own buddy, if the situation then requiring me to screw you, I will screw you deep down to your core. 

rafidah_embrace.jpgRing a bell???


~ by pickholes on January 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Kelab Penyokong UMNO”

  1. sebagai seorang rakyat yg mementing kemajuan dan keharmonian negara,seharusnya bg sy menyokong semua projek dan perancangan kerajaan bg menjamin masa depan negara yg baik.

  2. you’re just one of those….

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