One night of Karaoke

There is a karaoke center here, never thought they have one. I made this miraculous discovery just recently – no actually, one of my friends told me about the place whereabouts during one tahlil that we attended last week (I know that’s not an appropriate venue to pass this info).

Anyway, we went to check out the joint last night. I thought it would be one grand karaoke center (minus the GROs) but un’fuck’tunately, it turned out to be some shitty shack cum restaurant with one sorry-state sound system, manned by some not-so-cute Filipino chicks. We made do with what they had to offer, the songs are all English and some in Philipines. I didn’t sing though, but my buddy picked few familiar numbers and he went karaokeing for close to one hour. I stayed throughout the one hour putting up with the nauseating zinging.. winging… bzzzing sounds of the mic and the lousy speakers, but my mind was somewhere else replaying the good old days at KK.

Did I say the sound system was in a sorry-state, no, that was an understatement. The system was one helluva big fucked up, you had to practically move around while singing just to avoid the hallowing sound coming out from the lousy speakers, and the mic……man, I’d say Cornetto could probably be more expensive, was infuriating the hell out of us with its ‘kadang kadang ada, kadang kadang tara suara”.  

O well…I am done with this place.


~ by pickholes on January 17, 2007.

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  1. okla tuh..

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