Family Day

Attended company family day last weekend – wasn’t bad, I’d say quite a lavish event, they arranged all kinda activities, games and all – and the kids had fun alright. It was supposed to be held late last year but for some unknown reason, they finally made it only this year, so we ended up wearing an outdated Family Day shirt and cap that said 2006 Family Day..duhh.

Missus and I were particularly excited about the finale – the Raffle Draw! I knew there were lots of great prizes donated by contractors (coz I saw them delivering these ‘heavy-boxed-gifts’ to office just days before). Last year event, we got a lousy gift voucher worth a 100RM equivalent when others were raking some pricy home theaters, VCDs and shit like that. Even the janitor who too attended the function was getting an enormous water dispenser unit ( took me weeks to recover from the ‘depression’). It was just my destined hopeless fate when it comes to Lucky draw I guess….

So I was praying this time luck would be with us. But unfuckingnately, we got a fucking kettle. I mean, a KETTLE…urgh..forget it…I don’t feel like getting into this luck-thingy ranting and bitching….just forget it..

Back to office, I have again applied for a 10 day course in KL, I hope the new boss will agree, oh please.…..not another lousy fate.  Last year, my former boss defied my right for a good 5 day course honeymoon coz I was said to have some heavy loads of work to be completed. I mean, common, work is work; of course it’ll never end, so I hope this workload crap reason will never stop my trip this time.


~ by pickholes on January 21, 2007.

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