They’re all racists… believe me.

I am not sure what was so unusual about the Celebrity Big Brother hullabaloo recently. It was about racist alright but was that all???

I mean, that doesn’t sound like a controversy to me, considering these:- 

  • Britons are all racists – they are either plain KKK-liked racist or hypocrite (those that pretend not to be racist) – but deep inside they are all racist as hell. Jade Goody is just one unlucky one.

  • Indians are all but fool. This Shetty chick is already a well known name in her native India, so what was with this Big Brother participation?? Was it like..necessary?? You know what I mean…a big name in India means you are really big considering the population of Indian continent?  

  • Western Media are selfish – boosting rating seems to be the only sole priority and consideration. Channel 4 could have edited and instead broadcasting everything just to heat up the show and boost the rating. 

  • Politicians are bunch of wilful stupid, just listen to what they had to say “……… finance minister Gordon Brown, will recommend that compulsory citizenship lessons should be reformed to examine the idea of “Britishness.” Education Secretary Alan Johnson said all teenagers should be taught core “British values” to combat the “ignorance and bigotry” shown on Celebrity Big Brother. 

See what I mean..


~ by pickholes on January 22, 2007.

One Response to “They’re all racists… believe me.”

  1. i agree 100% with this blog nice peice!

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