Raja Endon Mastura of Medik TV

Raja Endon who? 

I am cool with the scuba act, the two-piece suit, the drinking, smoking and shit, I mean who am I to judge you and your flabby thigh – it’s your life. Heck, you can run your life upside down if you want to and I am sure none would even care. But to post your VERY PERSONAL pix on the net when you are, I believe, known to many as a decent TV role model, wow…that’s not really cool…….(well, I am sure these were not paparazzi kinda shots, either she herself or her buddies must have posted the pix). 

I am sure you damn well know the peculiar entertainment culture we are living in here, this sorta thing will create controversy… 



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~ by pickholes on January 23, 2007.

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  1. awak teruk sangat pemakaian kakak..kita kan org islam..


  3. it is being in the malaysian media scene, how it actually disturbs your once private unknown life. everywhere you go, everything u do; is being watched closely as if privacy means nothing, no more. people take the second role of playing god; who ultimately oversees every movement of ours (in which there’s nothing wrong with it as we are all HIS creation). but in the case of us, malaysian (ultimately malay) have the tendency to be ‘kay-poh’.
    she’s on a holiday. it is not in any of our right to pinpoint her inappropriateness of manner. question yourself, would it be pleasant if someone oversees your behavior when YOU are on a holiday?
    such shallow thinking wouldn’t you agree?
    if she did something wrong, it is between her n god. none of our business to interfere. that’s my conclusion.

    & this, has been my two-cents right upon seeing a front-page feature on a local ‘shallow’ tabloid. if u are to disagree with my point of view, u have all the right to.

    tq. wassalam.

  4. Assalamualaikum and peace upon all of you

    Leave her alone, Dont look at the picture(s) if you dont want to, nobody is forcing you to look at it. She has done no evil or malice to hurt anyone. Theres more bigger issues to give attention to, like corruption and your shallowness. She is aswerable only to God.You can judge all you want but only the Almighty passes the verdict. Maybe you dont even understand English

  5. Dunia semakin menghampiri kpd zaman kemusnahan..Maka rugi la golongan yg leka/alpa/taksub dgn nikmat dunia.kembali la k jalan benar selagi ada kesempatan..Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Pengampun…wasalam.

  6. i dont give a fuck!

  7. assalamualaikum…
    biaq pi lh…
    dier nk wat aper…
    jnj dier x kacau worang…
    die ader kacau korang…
    saya tahu dier beragama islam…
    tp lumrah dunia…

  8. You madafockaz.. leave me alone! Go buy your own G-strings, wear them and give yer sorry selves a wedgy..

  9. ape nak jadi die ni.hipokrit giler…kat mhi nampak baik.. kat bali,nauzubillah..

  10. Ya laa….personal pics tu…I’ve got sexier and raunchier ones. But my PR people told me to put my vogue photos online for the PUBLIC: the one where I made an appearance at the UN, masak meehoon for Nelson Mandella, Paris Haute Couture 2006…Obvoiusly not everybody got PR people…nor taste (ehem2…..what?)

  11. what the hell!!!!korang tanggung dosa die ke..just want u all to know since peolple are talking bad about her u da one who should think dosa nak minte maaf from her.at least dia xwat salah kat korang.she’s big enough to think what is right n what’s wrong…pelik org nak define die hipokrit..dlm mhi dah tugas die…bile outside tu personal life die…

  12. pakai macamtu masih ok berbanding artis lain. taklah teruk sangat bukannya telanjang bulat..its ok raja endon..artis lain lagi terukla..dalam tv keje dia..ini bercuti..oramg lain kat tv3 ada lagi teruk……………

  13. dunia jadi indah jika ramai wanita solehah….

  14. ya ler, sebagai seorang Islam kita kena ingat dan mengingati diantara satu sama lain. sekurang kurangnya dia akan dapat hidayah dari Tuhan yg Maha Esa.Jangan terus buat dosa. Kita kena ingat kita semua akan mati dan mengadap Allah.Kita kena buat bandingan dengan orang yang baik, jangan buat bandingan dengan orang tak baik.

  15. takde ape yg perlu di ckp kan ttg pic dia… kita mempunyai kebebasan memilih.. lg pun kubur asing2.. kita layak tegor sahaja..

  16. I know I am not Malaysian but I am really struggling to understand all your reactions to this girl. I think one of the biggest compliments to god is to cherish every day of your life like it is a gift. When I look at the photos of Mastura I see nothing but happiness and classic beauty. I don’t think she has ever let down Islam or women in general. Mastura if you are reading this please continue to brighten our days and hopefully those of us who spend too much time complaining on the internet can learn to live life with a smile like yours.

  17. ish2..tkejt gak tgk..kt tv cam bik jer..kt tv3 rncngn pg2 2..
    xptt ler dia cn g2..

  18. anyway it’s your life..but remember we’re muslim…please do consider the quran we’ve recite…it’s not a song… a promise for every muslim…

  19. memang berdosa tapi org yg sebarkan aib org lain berdosa jugak..pikir2kanlah

  20. Raja Endon Mastura is not good little muslim and wearing a bikini is the least of her worries – she has been having a sexual relationship outside of marriage with an Australian dive instruktor and you can see then photos on the internet she is not even been ashamed. She is not true to Islam. She is celebrity so she is role model should act like one!

  21. Faiza, please becareful of the things you say. It can constitute to defamation and a fitnah. If you are a muslim you would not say things like that to make things worse. We should remind ourselves and pray the best for her so she would change to be a better person. Who are you to judge wheteher she is true to Islam or not? Are you God? Hukum Islam ada memaktubkan saksi-saksi lelaki yang berkelayakan yang menyaksikan perbuatan tersebut sebelum memutuskan wujud zina atau tidak. Ada kamu lihat? Defaming a person without proof is more sinful than wearing a bikini my dear Faiza. Im’ sure she have learnt her lesson. May God forgive her.

  22. and Faiza even if you are not a muslim, what kind of a person are you who prays for the worse of others? A jew are you?

  23. It is not defamation if it is true…and she knows this is true. I do not speak a lie. You are rght however I must not judge her that is for God.

  24. Your statement is VERY DEFAMING. Kalu undang-undang sivil defamation la sebab takde bukti.Dah la mengaibkan orang. Orang lain yang baca tak pasal2 dosa free. Kamu buat kenyataan di atas tu kamu boleh kena sue. Kalu syariah anti kena sebat 80 kali tau menuduh tanpa bukti.Nasib baik takda hudud. Hehehe. Mastura if you are reading this please hire me as your lawyer. I would like to represent you to sue this Faiza here. You have a very good case. Hehehe. Let her be la Faiza.As another human being lets just hope and pray for the best. Not make it worse.She is human. We ourselves are not perfect. Who are we to criticise or judge.I’m sure you are not perfect yourself lil miss angel faiza.

  25. Hang sakit tang mana ni faiza oi? Tak pasai-pasai memfitnah orang ni pasai apa? Hang dengki kot.Suka hati ja buat statement.Aku tau hang dengki. Sudah-sudah la tu. Hang ni kapiaq ka Islam?

  26. I would encourage Mastura to sue me for defamation however somehow I do not think this will happen as she knows I speak the truth and unfortunate for her others know of the affair also and dear advocate and solicitor as you will know a complete defence for defamation is where it a statement made is the truth…

  27. Faiza stop being a bitch and leave her alone. You seem not to understand malay and you have legal knowledge. Your knowledge on civil law is inapplicable here la. Do you know what fitnah is? Of course not, because you are not even a muslim, right? Your accusation is baseless. Enough is enough. I dont remember Mastura announcing to the world that she is a perfect Muslim. What makes you think she is a lesser Muslim that me or you (if you are)? Allah maha pengampun lagi maha mengasihani. So piss off.

  28. Mastura can I have your number please? Hehehe

  29. Faiza your English seems to have improved suddenly. A little suspicious… You dont sound Muslim to me either. What game are you playing here? It seems to me that you are trying to start trouble when reading your tone.

  30. Yeah you suck Faiza!

  31. Nothing wrong with my english just typing errors if any mistakes made and as a malaysian are you saying that malaysians write bad english???? I am not the only one to point out Masturas faults there are plenty of other comments being made about her..suspicious that a few of you are so worried about my comments probably because you know that I speak the truth too otherwise why defend such baseless comments you just give more fuel to my fire…food for thought and Mastura herself is yet to defend herself or start defamation process…..

  32. I think most people with a heart can figure out the damage your madness could cause and that’s why we are defending her. What are you hoping to achieve? Playing god are we? Another gila fan I think? Most celebrities have them, nothing new.

  33. Maybe Faiza should not be making statements but can you say for sure they are not true? If thay are true then Mastura may not be perfect but she leads a public life and therefore maybe has some responsibility to be careful. This all started with bikini photos and her being in photos with this man, so she has left herself open for gossip…it sounds like the people responding to Faiza know Mastura for them to be so defensive so maybe you will advise her that the truth will come out and so hopefully Faiza is not right because her parents may not be so forgiving…

  34. anyone else notice that no-one has actually defended Mastura by saying Faiza’s comments are not or could not be true???Just say do not judge who are you to judge etc but no one has actually said that she isnt having a realtionship with a western man outside of marriage.No one is denying she was wearig a bikini either simply because the photos are on the internet for everyone to see. Maybe you have to defend her because it is true. Maybe Faiza should say this but does that make what Mastura doing right? God will judge her but unfortunately humans do to because as you all point out no one is perfect.

  35. Hehehe Faiza, twosidestoeverystory and suzie all the same person. Imaginary friends on da internet. loser!

  36. Semua manusia pun pernah buat salah&silap.Anggap je lah dier dah buat silap.Walaupun,dier ader ‘hak’ unt pakai mcm tuh.Foto-foto tuh mungkin unt simpanan peribadi tp jatuh kt tangan org yg x jujur&amanah.Dier pun mcm manusia biasa.Ada ‘hak’,ada hobi p scuba,ada bikini yg die nk pakai cuma bezanya dier ‘personality’.Maafkan jer lah dier…

  37. Aku kenal Mastura dan family dia. Dia tinggal dengan keluarga dia. She’s nice. Aku tak tau la apa dia buat sampai korang nak buat citer pasal dia. Mana ada omputeh australia… Pandai-pandai lah. Dia nak pakai bikini suka hatilah. Mak Bapak dia dah nasihatkan dia dah. She made a mistake, manusia mana yang tak buat silap. Tapi yang minah2 yang cakap omputeh kat atas ni tak puas hati aku pun tak tau kenapa. Depa kot minat mamat omputeh australia tu kot. Dengki lah tu.Orang lawa sapa tak berkenan. Cukuplah mengaibkan orang.Two sides of the story? of course. Tapi ada ka minah saleh kat atas ni minta penjelasan sebelum membuat conclusion. Macam hamjadah memfitnah orang.

  38. Faiza dan kawan-kawan bermulut puaka. Cukuplah tu.

  39. ade yg sokong ade yg marah… tapi yg pasti ape yg endon mastura buat salah dan berdosa… itu baru org yg popular yg kiter kenal…yg kiter tak kenal tapi beragama islam ramai yg buat..ape nak jdik ntah malaysia…ini ke negara islam ???

  40. Bosan la korang ni… citer dah basi la. Linda Onn lagi best nak citer.

  41. astaghfirullah al-azim…..sesungguhnya dunia ini dah nak sampai ke alam penghujungnnya…banyak-banyak la bertaubat…cuba anda bayangkan…semasa anda berpakaian seperti itu anda terkena serangan jantung(setiap manusia pasti akan mati)ke manakah anda selepas itu di syurga allah ataupun neraka allah….fikir-fikrkanalh andai esok tiada lagi bagi kit….kita ini hidup di dunia hanya untuk sementara waktu masih ada alam yang kekal abadi menanti kita….ingat syurga berjuta-juta kali ganda lebih seronok berbanding tempat yang palik seronok di dunia ini…….astghfirullah

    phd in law(oxford)

  42. Hi Mastura, can I have your HP no? or just email me..

  43. guys, what so ever..dia nak buat apa pun dia tak kacau korang kan? dia pun takde mintak korang bagi duit pun..so pls jgn bagi cerita yang bukan-bukan lagi…

  44. keep up the good work!

  45. dah dia pakai dah pon bkn bleh nak buat apa. tapi tgk pagi pagi dalam MHI tuh perghh berlain betul :), takpe laa dah itu pilihan cara hidup dia, dosa dia, dia tanggung. kita tegur dalam net nih pon dah aa lepas bala kita :). tapi harap lain kali takde aa kes kantoi camnih 🙂

  46. hai cubaka..aku tau kau kenal endun dgn keluarga dia kau ni apa la bangap sangat.kalau bala menimpa, kau tu org pertama kena tau.biar la dia org ni nasihatkan dia.agama kita ada menyatakan tegur la kesalahan kaum seagama kita sebelum kita menerima bala drp allah swt.bukan dia tak tau berpakaian cam tu boleh mendatangkan fitnah.dia tu artis tunjuk la tauladan yang baik pada masyarakat.nasib baik tak ada tsunami masa dia kat pantai tu.kalau tidak sekali-2 ngan kau kena….sama-2lah kita berdoa agar raja endun berubah..dan yg menyokong dia berpakaian cam tu akan menerima bala drp allh swt.

  47. kalau tengok disini ada yang menyokong ada yang marah dgn raja ni.sepatutnya semua kena beri nasihat kat dia supaya dia berubah.kubur memang masing-2 tapi kalau mati kena macam tsunami kat aceh tu satu kubur juga kau org berkongsi dosa pahala dia hiii…memang dia tak mengganggu kita tapi kalau tak di tegur habis rosak masyarakat kita yg beragama islam kerana dia ni ramai perminat dan contoh kpd msyarakat pula 2.ini akan mendatangkan bala kepada kita, sanggup kah kita menerima bala drp allah swt.org yang boleh tengok dia berpakaian cam tu mesti boleh menerima bala drp allah swt kan. aku tak sanggup, aku setuju kata-2 sang pedih 2.raja indun banyak-2 la beribadat buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih.jgn buang baju cukup la. menaikkan nafsu aku je kau ni indun. Astagfirrullahhalazim……

  48. tu la artis (islam) di malaysia ni la yang penyebabnya budak-2 zaman sekarang jadi tak menentu mereka comfuse sama ada haram berpakaian cam tu ke tak haram.negara lain tak pa la dia org bukan nya islam. apa salah nya menutup aurat.kalau kita sedar diri kita tu islam ikut aje suruhan allah swt. tak payah pun. senang je.kononnya kalau pakai tudung tak boleh jadi artis pi rahhhh mabuk.lagi satu isteri-2 pemimpin kita tu pun cam tu juga nama je suami pemimpin tak tau nak tegur sang isteri suruh tutup aurat.duit banyak beli la kain lebih buat tutup tubuh.kerana kamu semua ni adalah contoh bagi seluruh masyarakat di dunia. cam mana org bukan islam nak respek kat kita yang beragama islam..cam ni pun tak boleh nak pikir lagi ka..allah bagi akal suruh kita pikir.yang tutup aurat tu jagalah maruah diri, jgn biarkan nafsu & setan menguasa diri kita….kita di dunia ni tak lama , akhiratlah yang kekal…

  49. aku ingat kau ni cantik rupanya macam hampeh tak lawa pun kau ni.kalau kat tv tu stim juga aku tengok.cam ni punya badan kurus kering hilang stim aku. kecantikan itu terdapat di sebalik pakaian kalau dah buka mana nak stim lagi..tak boleh nak fillll la..kalau berpakaian ni kita mesti pikir dapat ke tak dapat kalau aku adjust ngan dia ni.hati kita akan merasa berdebar-2 menanti sesuatu yg tak pasti .tu baru syok. tapi kalau cam ni dah tau dah kalau tak dapat pegang pun tak pa, tengok pun dah macam pegang.hii indun indun pakai baju balik la…

  50. bia jer lar..die nak kai aper pon itu hak die..tp mmg lar agk keterlalaun klu kiter org islam pkai camtu….

  51. akak sbgai org islam x sptutnyer pkai cmtue..dimanakah hrga dri akak..sya amat mengagumi akak sbgai seorg pgacara yg hebat..diharap akak akn berubah krn sy x mau ilang rase kgum thadap akak..semekom

  52. dye kne tau batas2 agama islam tu sndiri…

  53. Mastura, apa2 pun I still minat kat U. U diketagorikan cantik luar dan dalam!!!!!!!!!. Body ‘A’ la macam tu. Tak tunjuk mana nak tau. If Mastura ader lagi photo2 yang …….. sudi2lah kongsi dgn kitorang. Alang2 menyeluk pekasam, buka terus bagi orang pengsan, baru la orang paham, Raja Endon Mastura punya penangan. I Love You Mastura.

  54. sEMOGA TAUBAT kita diterima allah..amin

  55. I came across this blog after researching Miss Mastura on the web. I do not know the lady and have no intent to judge her at all. I just feel you all have been extremely hard on Faiza. She does speak the truth. I am good friends with the western mans wife…..he is a new zealander not australian by the way…….. He has abandoned his wife and son in New Zealand and stays in Malatsia to be with this girl. As his wife said to me “he obviously does not have real love for myself and our son so she can have him”. As a westerner I see this happening all the time so I have no reason to judge this girl as I think he is more at fault than she is. I feel bad for Faiza who was speaking the truth.

  56. WTF is wrong with you people? Dont you have anything better to do? Unfair accusations and insults thrown one after another. Alhamdulillah. Faiza is not speaking the truth and my dear Kylie you are as bad as a liar as she is. Nice touch with the drama script. Go back to your perfect lives, pray and hope for the best for everyone.

  57. leave her alone… kesian dia, sapa lah kawan2 dia jadi musuh dalam selimut/gunting dalam lipatan.Cuba kita fikir berada di tempat Raja endon mastura. tak per lah nanti i suruh my mum pinang dia laa, lepas kawin tak der gosip lagi la

  58. Pray to Allah so that all of us will receive HIS ‘hidayah’. Pray to Allah to let all of us including her to be in the right path

  59. tu la korang, kecoh-kecoh sangat…si endon ni dah tak kelour tv dah. bior la lantak dia nak kangkang ke, bogel ke…dia sendiri yang tanggung. apa2 pun kalu dia dah tersilap mungkin dia juga akan berubah utk betulkan kesilapan dia…bagilah dia peluang kedua.

  60. tegur menegur ni mmg disarankan dalam Islam….Dakwah mmg di tuntut..tapi..sampaikanlah dakwah secara berhemah… 🙂

  61. ape lah!!!!!uat dosa jer????name jer islam…aiya,

  62. Jangan kita bangga dengan kecantikan kita hingga kita lupa asal usul agama kita .Ingatlah pada Mati..Ingatlah pada Akhirat bekalan untuk kita hidup selamanya di sana .Kecantikan kita didunia hanyalah sementara dan pembalasan Di Akhirat sangatlah PERIT dari pembalasan didunia.Baliklah rumah dan takafakur pada Allah dan solatlah Taubat banyak2 dan INGATLAH PADA MATI DAN MAUT DATANG MENJEMPUT KITA PADA BILA2 MASA .

  63. RAJA ENDON MASTURA dikhabarkan tengah hot dengan WIRA DAIM yang dahulunya pernah digossipkan dengan CAMELIA. Kini Noniswara pula telah kelihatan bersama seorang VIP di Majlis sambutan kemerdekaan lalu. Siapa pulak jejaka ini???Paul???Camelia???

  64. Trying to crawl back into TV3 after she could not make it as an anchor at astro

    Recently a reporter asked me to comment on some remarks made on the Internet that I’m ‘kaki kikis’ and other stupid rumours. Dah nak mampus agaknya orang yang buat cerita ni. Guys, I’m a working 28 years old. I have a f***ing law degree. If I want something I bloody buy it myself. Expensive things are worthless unless you bought it with your hard earned money. Kalau nak harap orang yang beli baik tak payah! I don’t need superficial people or material to make myself feel good.

    I have more class than that.

    Before I forget… Bubbye TV3!

    PS: No more Jom Heboh! Woooohoooo!

  65. i am a personal close friend of wira and khairy and i have to admit that all the gossip with mastura is true. dia memang mata duitan yang tak sedar diri… kesian. mungkin kerana dia berasal dari keluarga yang tak berada. tetapi cara dia membawa diri itu saya rasa tak betul, belajar di malaysia tapi ada accent british bila bercakap dengan kawan2 wira yang lama menetap di rantau sana…nampak sangat dia ‘try too hard’ untuk memasuki social scene yang jelas bukan tarafnya.
    very fake… memang baguslah dia jadi actress. tapi sedarlah bahawa dia akan dibuang oleh wira macam seluar dalam buruk bila wira sudah bosan… wira pun macam khairy, bila dah bosan buang/pass dekat kawan2 lain. kalau dah senang dapat, senanglah nak dicampak…
    asalkan mas sedar..
    kalau tak, sia sia sahaja lah mastura putus tunang dengan mat saleh tu untuk bersama dengan wira. hati hati camelia tak tahu ya!

  66. I am best mates with the kiwi guy she cheated on. I met this girl once on my way to indonesia. He was so stoked on her. Turns out while he was at islam lessons she was at some other rich guys house messing around on him. They were engaged! Some muslim.

  67. I am best mates with the kiwi guy. I met this girl on the way to indonesia. He was so stoked on her. Turns out while he was at islam lessons she was at some rich guys house messing around on him. They were engaged! Some muslim.

  68. Oh my god. I have not looked here for a while. She was in a relationship with khairy and wira as well as her dive instructor. And she was engaged to the western instructor. Camelia? See everyone. I was telling the truth about her.

  69. mastura walaupun member aku kata ko juling ayor, ko tetap menjadi pujaan hatiku. mastura ko tak patut buat macam ni. ko tu orang islam. mastura nak no. buleh?

  70. apalah………inilah tipikal personaliti yang memalukan islam..duru ashraf sinclair sekarang raja endon pulak…..ha,peh

  71. Kalau Wira bagi Mini Cooper untuk Raja Endon, Raja Endon bagi Wira apa in return ye agaknya korang?

  72. Assalamu alycum…to kak Endon.
    I have a question here. Your name is Raja Endon… are you from Indonesian Royal family?

    If that true…how can I admire you? You just ‘budak Indon’. I dont want become fan of Indon girl. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Bagai mana kalau gue panggil lu dengan timangan ‘ kak Mastur’? cocok sekali! Ya enggak? (Mastura become Mastur)

    ‘Kak mastur’!

    He he he!!

    How ever…
    u r cool in my mind
    u r pretty in my eyes
    u r sexy in my hearth
    u just the perfect in tv3 that I ever see.

    stay cool and gud luck!

    Kak mastur,
    If u want to find me. Just easy. Im from the east (sabah la). But now I’m stay in the west (kl la). If u found the most handsome person in bangi , that is me!!!

  73. Askum hai aper nk jd ngn org kter zaman ni…..raja endon mesti sedih tngok ayt2 yang dieorg tulis ni,mintklh ampun kt tuhan kte ni beragama islam tau jgelh penampilan diri

  74. Bukan nak mengata, tapi kalau tak tau UGAMA itulah jadinya, MENDEDAHKAN AURAT, TAYANG lagi dengan GAHNYA. Minta perlindingan dari ALLAH agar wanita ISLAM tau batas aurat.

  75. salut cava moi radouan si moi maroco ten salam rlikom

  76. salut cava moi radouan tan skon sidi moumne rakm dare 216 zanka 25 mahklouki radouan talb hkdma arjokm msn samire_raja@mis.fr

  77. nilah salah satu sbb blakunya kes rogol zmn skg ni. pttnya ni yg kna banned habis2an

  78. nie nmpk je baek..ei…cube lah jd org islam..kate negare islam..hapeh..so korunk2 nie…tukar la kerajaan…undi nyer

  79. ala biar le kt dier…die pon nk enjoy jg

  80. Kak mastur, wira was seen with a girl in bangkok la! He is playing you. Contact me.

  81. korang ni…biar la dia buat dosa…x pasal2 korang pulak yg tambah dosa utk diri sendiri…kalu tak kutuk org tak leh ke…korang lagi buduhhhhhh nampaknye!!

  82. gue sokong Raja indon apa maslah nyer dgn korang niee. dia dah besar panjang lagi pun dia boleh pikir sendiri apa yg dia buat org kata jgn jadi hipokrit ok geng.

  83. ingatlah insan,jika kamu mengejar dunia,maka Allah s.w.t akan beri mu dunia tapi jika kamu mengejar ahkirat maka dunia akan mengikut mu, firman allah s.w.t………. insyallah

  84. Ingatlah wahai Muslimah sekelian , janji ALLAH tentang akhirat, seksaan kubur, hisap di padang masyar dan pemalasan Syurga dan Neraka adalah benar belaka. Anda tidak percayakah dengan kitab Al Quran. Telah di nyatakan di dalam kitab suci Al Quran agar wanita muslimih hendaklah menutup aurat. Mereka mereka yan hanya mendedahkan rambur sahaja , balasannya di sana nanti ialah di cucuk dg besi neraka payu daranya dan di salai ke dalam neraka. Takutlah wahai muslimah seksa allah itu amat dasyat.

  85. hmmm nape ntah.. or mlayu mmg suke amek tau hal og len.. cam a org 2 baik sgt..
    tp x salah kalau kite tego menegor.. juz biar la slow2 sket.. jgn a men mrh2.. bajet bgs??
    Tuhan suro kite tego- menegor,, tp Tuhan x kate kene kasar2.. baik2 pon tego jugak kan??

  86. mcam2 fitnah n teguran yg d tujukan pd mastura…ish2…pd kak mas,sy minat ngan akak…sy sbnarnye nak mintak tolong sgt2…sy ni penderita resdung selama 10 taun dah…rasanye dah x thn lagi nak tanggung derita ni…sebelum puasa ari tu,medik tv ada siarkan rawatan n punca2 resdung…leh x akak bg alamt tempat rawatan resdung d kl yg menggunakan suntikan herba dalm hidung 2?plzzzz…..n kalo leh,leh x akak bg no fon akak?

  87. sesungguhnye orang2 kafir sentiasa memusuhi islam sehingga orang2 islam mengikut mereke. Lihatlah dan fikirlah apa yang dikatakan al-quran benar belake.Inilah umat akhir zaman yg diibarat buih2 dilautan yg luas.

  88. Saya sangat kenal cik mastura… wah banyak musuh dalam selimut lah kat sini. Dia kata memang dia taknak kerja broadcasting dah. Memang taknak kerja dengan tv katanya. Banyak betul orang buat cerita hanya kerana dia tak respond satu pun. She’s very nice, intelligent, low profile. Pandai la bawak diri. Mungkin itu silap dia tapi seteruk mana pun dia pergi diving… bukan macam ada celebrity yang pakai lucah di wild party. Tuhan Maha Pengampun… Kita doalah Tuhan ampunkan dia. Korang bukan Tuhan tak payah nak menghukum orang. Good luck cik mas with your life!

  89. One more thing permerhatian aku… dia dah lama tak keluar tv, bertahun la jugak, tapi masih ada yang mencarinya di internet. Wow x factornya kuat, suka atau tidak she seems to be worth your time =) hehehe kelakar pulak aku rasa.

  90. i love mas!!i love mas!!to hell with all the comments..at least she is normal n bukannya orang gila..hello in this modern world n even a decade ago,every woman has the right to wear a bikini to go swimming n such.biarlah dia.not all other muslims are angels n they dnt pray 5 times a day.malah other muslim women yg pakai tudung pun kat bawah tu selalu terbukak n kangkang for free.contohnya budak budak uitm yg liar tu..wassalam

  91. wow.. seksinya dia

  92. EEEEEEE minah ni sundal la,didnt she have an affair with kHairy jamaluddin bukan maya karin.plus she curi camelia punya boyfriend??I heard dia ni banyak scandal n she is not such a big royalty as she proclaim..Umah mak bapak dia kat ipoh biasa je n apparently bapak dia tengku din is mentally crazy.well like father like daughter la kan.

  93. kesian dia ni..

  94. Gosh is she this bad?i did hear about her scandals before..have seen her with lots of different man..


  96. whore!

  97. wira will b leaving u anytime,dia sibuk cari calon nak buat bini dengar cita..ya lah anak mak mesti la buat apa yg terbaik untuk nama keluarga.awak tu tak layak.jadi bersiap sedia la dengan berita buruk yg akan tiba.ramai dah tahu si wira sedang mencari.kesian jodoh awak takkan kekal kernakeburukan hati awak ni.berubah sebelum tak laku terus.


  99. Please leave my friend alone. Nobody is perfect. Yup. That includes YOU. Why don’t you focus on managing your finances or seeing how you can help in reducing global warming?

    Wassalam. TQ

  100. Please note that not all Malaysians are Malays. Note also that most of the time, only Malays will give comments to something like this e.g. another Malay in bikini.

  101. hem hebat jugak dia ni.tapi tak minat la kat dia sebab perangai macam anjing.busyukk..

  102. saya suka la kak mastura….firstime tengok medik tv… wow! lawa nyer kak mastura. i love kak mastura

  103. i love kak mastura

  104. Dah lah. Its her life.Tak yah lah fitnah and attack org,tak baik.ppl shud be given a right to express themselves the way they want. Dosa masing-masing pun.Hanya Tuhan yang tau.

    All this men pun takleh harap banyak sangat. I dengar Wira ni tengah dekat ngan pompuan Indon.adik aku tengok dier jalan kat Singapore.tapi tak tau lah.. Allahuallam

  105. kak Mastura slalu lepak kat mana? bole jumpa tak mintak autograph…?

  106. kaka mastura lawa….

  107. dia islam ke dia pakai nama islam je nak jatuhkan islam .i pernah tidur dgn dia i tau lah

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