A rare species

Lorry driver in remand found dead after shower – NST, 22 July 2007 

A lorry driver (lets call this poor dude AS), under police remand on suspicion of possessing stolen goods, was found dead in his cell at a police headquarters yesterday.

As reported, AS was found dead two hours after he reportedly took a shower at 3.00am in the cell which he shared with seven detainees. His brother received a call about the death, said “I was surprised when I received a call from the police about 10am and was told that my brother was found dead at the police headquarters. He was a healthy man and did not have any illnesses. When I asked the officer about what happened, the officer only said that AS took a shower and was then found dead.”  

Fishy, aint it? Fishy could be an understatement here, how about stinking-rot-dead-skunk! It just doesn’t make sense. I mean, why in the world that this guy (a lorry driver….I’m sure you can visualize a typical lorry driver) had to take a shower at a freaking hours of 3 am in the morning. Why didn’t they just cook up the story a bit – like, right after shower, the poor guy dried up, applied some Fair & Lovely, fluffed some powder here and there, shaved and did a bit of manicure and two hours later, he droped dead (damn hygienic lorry driver – a rare species, would you think?). Fuck, we all know what was actually going on in there. I hope one day (it could take centuries..), the real truth about the ordeal during police remand will somehow seep out to public.

MIC National Youth Social and Welfare Bureau assistant secretary hoped that the police would be transparent in their investigation. I’d say, duhhh…don’t bother my MGR friend!


~ by pickholes on January 24, 2007.

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