I need a free ride home

I’m still waiting for boss to reply to my request to go on a course. Beats me what takes him ages to say a simple yes or no. May be he has forgotten about my application form or may be *the devil side of me think* he is just being an ass to create a suspense and anxiety in me just for the heck of it…well, I’d say, suspense my ass, just spit the goddamn yes or no answer. I’ll just give him a jolt before end of today.

Whatever the response is; I’ll still have to fly home for some personal errand. This ‘course-trick’ is just to get me a free ride home! But I need to know fast coz my “favorite” airline is currently offering a great deal of discount on certain traveling sectors. It comes real cheap and I don’t think the offer will last long. So if boss say NO, I can check out the offer immediately and make the booking at my own account.


~ by pickholes on January 24, 2007.

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