“parkperience” – Parking Experience

There are about zillions things that can get on my nerves everyday, but this comes in top ten of the list –

“waiting for some jackass to get the hell out of the parking space so I can park mine in”

This morning, my office buddy told me about his nightmarish ‘parkperience’ the night before. He went to a place where finding a parking space was a hell. He made a round and two, and finally saw a car that was about to leave a parking spot. So he drove close and waited (it was one strategic spot, close to the entrance, so it would worth the wait). As usual, after a torturing 10 to 15 minutes, the car was finally ready to reverse and empty the space. As he was eagerly about to enter the spot, all of the fucking sudden, there was this other car coming out from nowhere, zooming in that same spot. My friend was so dumbfounded and at first wanted to just fight for the spot, but with the kinda of car he was driving and the car the asshole was driving, to bulldoze in the same spot would not be a good idea. My friend was so pissed and stared at the asshole as he got out from his car. The asshole acted as if nothing happened and gave him the so-what-I-was-fast-and-I got-it-first kinda face.

I have experienced this before; many times, it pissed the hell out of me. I hate waiting for jaskass to empty the parking space, I would rather go and find somewhere else than to wait for this kind of people to start turning on their brain before turning on the ignition (but missus would normally insist that I wait or I’d never get a parking space).

Some assholes are born assholes; there is just nothing we could possibly do to civilize them. To these deformed people, the moment they know someone is waiting for their parking slot, they would start taking their own sweet time, slowly finding the key, loading the stuff in the car, arranging them nicely, scratching their balls, left and right and picking their nose in between, just for the sake of fucking your nerves before deciding to get their fat asses in the car and yet another 10 minutes before reversing the car. To these morons, as if making people wait patiently for them gives them the ballistic fun or multiple orgasms or something, so the longer they make people wait, the wetter they’ll get..


~ by pickholes on January 27, 2007.

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