Airbus A319 – USD50million hole in our pocket

Government leasing Airbus The Star 30 Jan 2007

SEPANG: The Government is leasing an Airbus from Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd (PMB) for VIP use, as it is cheaper than buying one. Denying reports that the aircraft was only meant for use by the Prime Minister, Datuk SeriAbdullah Ahmad Badawi said the aircraft would also be used by the King. “We are not purchasing, we are leasing. Why should we buy an aircraft when it will cost so much more; so it is better for the Government to lease it and not worry about repairing the aircraft,” he said on his return from a working trip to London and Davos. “The aircraft belongs to PMB, it is their money. The Government is only leasing it, just like MAS is leasing aircraft from PMB.”  

He is missing the point again here. The budding question is not whether we should buy or lease, it is whether we should even get one for the use of PM or Agong. In any possible way we look at it, PMB is owned by Khazanah, and the latter is owned by the Government, chaired by the PM himself. So, juts cut the “lease vs purchase” crap out from the equation as it is no longer relevant. The money spent leaves a nasty hole in rakyat pocket. Not unless those entitled for this luxury toy ride are capitalizing the usage to the maximum, like traveling overseas 400 days a year, the acquisition of an exclusive jet is just down right waste of a much needed fund for schools improvement or rejuvenation of rural mobile library. 


~ by pickholes on January 30, 2007.

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