Scrap da junk!

Oops.. MHS Aviation did it again..

For the second time in three months, MHS Aviation’s baby plunged deep into the sea risking some poor soul’s life.  

MHS’s Super Puma enroute Bayan D18 offshore Bintulu decided to quit working mid air risking the life of more than 10 young technicians (as I am writing this, one is still missing). Just barely three months ago, one of its junk enroute Tapis B, offshore Terengganu, did the similar trick mid air risking many on board and causing a life of the co-pilot. In June, again, it pop up with the same old trick enroute B11, offshore Sarawak and on Feb 23, the engine caught fire just before it took off from Miri.

If the odd of crashing signifying winning a lottery or 4D, my man Maksom would have been a billionaire by now. Seriously, he has to do something with these antique junks, Sikorsky S61N and Super Puma, that he is collecting. I believe MHS Aviation is exclusively contracted with practically all E&P operators under this wretched program called Vendor Development Program (VDP translates to “hell with Sabah Air or other operators, I am giving this contract to you!”).

Well, for a start, they can think about buying a new chopper!


~ by pickholes on January 31, 2007.

One Response to “Scrap da junk!”

  1. I think this incident could be prior to the CEO’s sin of underpaying
    pilots(getting only half as per contract)..u see,he & his shareholders friends are pocketting pilots money every months..worst than the British did to our country before..blood sucking CEO

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