Grand Work of a Great Muslim Artist – Peter Sanders

Check out his masterpiece here.

Sanders was born a Caucasian and brought up in London. His inner disenchantment sparked a spiritual quest that ultimately led to his embracing Islam and becoming one of the few Westerners to photograph Islam’s holiest shrines, the Kaaba in Makkah and Masjid-e-Nabvi in Madinah, the resting place of Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him). That was about 35 years ago.  

Peters Sanders has evolved into one of the world’s acclaimed photographers of the Islamic world. Visit his website here. A self-taught lensman, he never had any photography training.   “I began talking to my Muslim friends about Islam,” he said. “And I realized that I have to become a Muslim. It was really a leap of faith.” So, just before the Ramadan of 1971, Peter Sanders converted to Islam, in his Muslim friend’s carpet shop in Chelsea, reciting the Shahada in front of witnesses and accepting Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), as the Messenger of Allah. “Imagine, I went for my search to India and found what I was looking for in England,” said Sanders, who was given the Muslim name, Abdul Azim.

Sanders assigns part of the blame about the misconception on the media. “The current impression of Islam is created by the media: you know, the press with bad news,” he said. “But if you talk to normal people, they know that that is not the proper picture, that’s only a part of it, and that there is a general silent majority of good people. And I think a lot of people have the common sense to understand that.” Talking about the positive changes that he has seen in himself since he became a Muslim, he said, “Insha Allah, I’m more patient, more tolerant, more compassionate. It is a struggle you know, it’s not that you become Muslim and then everything is easy.


~ by pickholes on February 3, 2007.

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  1. For another interesting conversation with Peter Sanders, see the site of Halal Monk:

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