Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MCMA)

I just don’t get the drift with all these hue and cry over the request of a Chinese Muslim association to build mosque for its community. From the little info I gathered, I believe they are requesting approvals from the relevant state authorities for them to proceed with the construction, and some authorities were giving them a shit-tough time. Cost-wise, all will be self funded.

Just look at the pea-brained mentality of those with power, they just failed to grasp the universality of Islam concept. A dim attitude as if Islam being the exclusive right of Malays, gives a negative image about the Malays. These ignorance screwballs are a disgrace to Islam!

Sigh….too bad, these are the mindset of some leaders that we all look up to…


~ by pickholes on February 3, 2007.

One Response to “Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MCMA)”

  1. that is a shame. it is more effective for chunese muslims to teach chinese muslims, and islam has been in china a lot longer than in malaysia. I AM HOWEVER VERY CONFIDENT THAT THE GOVT WILL APPROVE IT WITH SOME IMPROVEMENTS. their recommendations should be taken with a constructive atitude not viewed as criticism. pleae do not politicise or race-associate this issue as that will be cheap and haram.

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