Mawi is at it again – ABPBH 2006

That was his second successive win – I’d say, you lucky dude. I hope he is smart enough to load up whatever he’s getting at a place where it can grow to last his lifetime, coz one day people are just going to have enough of him…(remember Vince AF1??) 

He took home a brand spanking new RM134,000 Naza Sorento, jewellery worth RM130,000 from Habib Jewels and a “Head Of State” package stay at Palace Of The Golden Horses. Mawi was also named Popular Male Singer, which won him RM3,000 and a trophy, and shared the popular group/duo award with Jamal Abdillah, which carries a RM5,000 prize.

The result 

  • Bintang Paling Popular: MAWI

  • Anugerah Biduan Veteran: JEFRYDIN – still around ka??

  • Anugerah Seniwati Veteran: DATIN UMI KALTHUM – ditto

  • Anugerah Khas Bintang Popular: DATUK JAMIL SULONG – ditto

  • Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular: SAIFUL APEK – I like him, funny

  • Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular: FASHA SANDHA – I love her, I mean, really love her, I mean, really really love her..

  • Penyanyi Lelaki Popular: MAWI

  • Penyanyi Wanita Popular: DATUK SITI NURHALIZA – had enough of her

  • Penyanyi Nasyid Popular: RABBANI

  • Artis Berkumpulan/Duo Popular: MAWI DAN JAMAL ABDILLAH

  • Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular: ROSYAM NOR – go retire la dude..

  • Pelakon TV Wanita Popular: FASHA SANDHA

  • Artis Komedi Lelaki Popular: SAIFUL APEK

  • Artis Komedi Wanita Popular: SHEILA RUSLY – she is funny, I like her

  • Artis Baru Lelaki Popular: FAIZAL AF4 – go and kill Mawi

  • Artis Baru Wanita Popular: FARAHWAHIDA

  • Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular: AZNIL NAWAWI – be a ‘real man’ and retire

  • Pengacara TV Wanita Popular: FARAH FAUZANA

  • Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular: HALIM OTHMAN

  • Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular: LINDA ONN – you are not a celebrity so act like one!


~ by pickholes on February 5, 2007.

One Response to “Mawi is at it again – ABPBH 2006”

  1. AZNIL NAWAWI – be a ‘real man’ and retire

    is he even capable? 😉

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