Malaysian Civil servant to retire at 60

Read the local news on the idea to extend the retirement age of a civil servant from 56 to 60, coz 55 is considered young. Yeah, how cute…. 

Don’t we have enough old cocks crawling around the government offices in slow-mo already….and now we want to add to the number by extending the retirement age of this expired faction. What kinda payback are we getting here – slower process, more paper/files lost, more traffic jam and more of everything unconstructive??. They are saying, 55 is considered ‘young’, yes indeed it is but not for a civil servant. In civil services, 40 should have been the retirement age.  

You could just imagine the typical government civil servant in their 50’s, they come late, they talk too much politics, they don’t use computer or anything that sound likes it, they go out for a break like every one hour, they are mostly irrational and hardly listen to public/customer explanations and they don’t dress well with most walking around the office in selipar jepun! 

In all fairness, yes, 55 is indeed young, but again, we don’t merely extend retirement age for the sake of extending. Other countries may have a higher age limit but that’s probably due to their manpower shortage or something, and well, I don’t think we are at that stake.

Let’s align the paradigm a bit here shall we, retirement doesn’t mean you’re deadwood or ready to die. If 55 is considered young, fine, you can retire at this young and vigorous age to live your life with your companion or partner, spending your quality time together, catch up with what you have missed in the past, off for Haj, Umrah or tours, look after your health as you may not have the luxury of time during your working years, involve in community or society activities, being volunteers to any good effort – you can do all these at your energetic and bouncy age, not until much much later.

I mean you may have missed doing all these during the 30 or 35 years of working your ass off, you don’t want to miss them again while you are still considered young.


~ by pickholes on February 7, 2007.

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