The Islam world will never recognize Israel

The Israel has said that it wants to salvage artifacts before construction of a pedestrian bridge leading to the complex, which is also sacred to Jews. Muslims fear that the excavations could damage the foundations of the 1,400-year-old Al Aqsa mosque.

I am so ticked with this recent clash. The Arab is resorting to UN and US Security Council to impede the evil – I’d say, the Arab is hallucinating again – that is just like conferring with an even bigger Satan. To me, this is an insult to Islam in general, a deliberated one. It’s their kinda teasing game just to piss the hell out of a Muslim world.

The Israel is a sadism-deficient bunch, always hunger for some vicious actions. The grenade/machineguns versus stone-throwing drama is just too fun for them to go without for quite sometime. The ceasefire agreement made last November was a bummer – it was a ‘potong stim’ for this brutal-deficient freaks.

After all, with US and UN well hung on their asses, they could get away with almost anything.


~ by pickholes on February 10, 2007.

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