Zainuddin Maidin…*gasp* never mind..


He said…”I realize that many advertisements on TV now, especially on private TV, feature more faces which are not Malaysians. This, to me, is downgrading local faces. RTM already had its own set of rules which did not allow the use of Pan-Asian faces on its advertisements and did not go against Eastern values.”

Don’t ask me, go and ask the Merbok voters….

I hope he knows that most of these pan Asians are no less or more Malaysian than the next Malaysian. May be he can propose a law or decree on how exactly a Malaysian face should look like??. So we all can work within this ‘guideline’, and also for our benefits, we could try to ensure that our generation will be bio-engineered to look like a typical Malaysian, hence not being discriminated later in life.

Can we then apply the same absurd principle to Ministers – vote out or bar those YBs or ministers wannabe who do not look what a Malaysian should look like.


~ by pickholes on February 10, 2007.

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