Apakah hukum menyambut Valentine’s Day

Do you think I want to dig on that one…forget it, so much of other better things to do. 

If you google, there are about gazillion write ups on valentine day history and origins, written in all versions and stories. It seems that nobody actually know the factual origin of the “Valentine day” as each varies from the others and all are dated as far-back as during the Roman Empire. I’d say, in conclusion, who give a fuck on what it is all about and when or where it all started off. 

For us ordinary folks or some lebai who are always dubious on the appropriateness of celebrating the V-day, we can take this special day as a day to celebrate with your significant other in a very exceptional way.

Fact is, life is getting busier and busier as days and years go, and to dedicate a day for a “break’ is therefore not easy. The being of a day like this is an occasion for us, who always tend to take things for granted, to take-five and retreat. If you don’t feel like calling it Valentine day, heck just call it whatever name .. “Special Dinner Day”, “Wife Day”, “Hubby Day”, “Love Day”, “Fuck Day”, “Wild sex Day”, “Send kids to parents Day”, “Away from kids Day” … heck just whatever names that’s alluring to you.

For me, I have made the day to coincide with my anniversary.


~ by pickholes on February 13, 2007.

One Response to “Apakah hukum menyambut Valentine’s Day”

  1. Sigh..wat a great justfications..:)but the justifications by human should not be free from mistakes..Learn the hadith of Prophet properly than u can talk about this matter..Perhaps, rather than you choose 14th february, why not u select another date for your V day?:)

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