MyKad lucky draw scrapped

The former Home Minister initiated a Lucky Draw with a grand prize of a Perodua MyVi as an incentive to encourage people to upgrade their IC to MyKad. Well, I take it as a decent effort made to get people to move their fat ass to apply for the card knowing how sluggish the process is, so it kinda natural to lure people to bear with the hassle.

But our current Home Affairs Minister Datuk Radzi Einstein Sheikh Ahmad has scrapped the lucky draw and decided to donate the remaining prizes to orphanages, and described the contest as “silly”. Said Radzi: “Why should we pay Malaysians to change their MyKad? It’s their responsibility. I’m very disappointed with all of this. Come on, it’s your identity card (IC). It’s your citizenship card. Do you need to be paid to apply for it?”.

When people started complaining about the cancellation as it was promised by the government, he said “Get over it. I’m asking the public to forget about it. Be more responsible. It’s your duty” And when asked, if it is so silly as he said, why started with all this at the first place, he replied “It’s the previous minister, not me. It’s a silly thing to do, to offer this sort of thing.”

Yes, datuk, may be you are the smartest minister, nailing your own colleague for introducing such a “silly” incentive, well done, a typical Malay ass-wiper style – stand out by nailing others..But Datuk Einstein here seems to be putting a wrong order of priority; he should have focused more on significant issues like why it takes ages to process and issue a card, why there is a poor response, how to upgrade the security and coordinate with other relevant government body, commercial banks, police as to make a full use of the smart card or why there is always a long Q NDR…

Biasa ah…nak score point…


~ by pickholes on February 14, 2007.

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