Back in Office

Back in office… 

I hate first day in office after a break – actually it was not a break though, I was away on a seminar in Kuala Lumpur (well..ok, it was a break alright). Arrived last night, my flight home was slightly delayed, as usual.

This morning, I had to drop off junior at school coz missus who’d normally send him to school had to accompany my other daughter for her beach trip. I met the account people at school to pay tuition fees for my daughter (the dude at account had been shooting countless reminders for the outstanding fees). I am not sure what’s holding up my company from issuing the cheque on time – the second time I had fork the bill out of my pocket first.

So I reached office just a wittle bit late. My ritual after a long leave was usually to go through my inbox. There were like zillions unread emails. Normal correspondences, I didn’t really read’em, so I read some, deleted and skip some.

But there was this one email that really pissed the hell outta me; I spent time reading it over and over just to get the grasp of whatever the sender was trying to say. It was from this one pea-brain oxymoron that I never like the moment I knew him months ago (I am sure most of you people must have at least one freak colleagues at your workplace, who seems to be too dumb to even pull the simplest of a job and has to score point by shooting down others, they are just too stupid and laugh at their own stupid jokes).

The email content was NOT very pleasant, the motive was to disgrace my colleague and it was copied to bunch of NOT very relevant people for the sake of scoring point. He must be fucking shitting me, writing a not-so-nice email is one thing, copying it to others… is another.

This is a thing about emails that people be apt to abuse – with emails, you can just send it to about everybody you feel like and say whatever you think like without much hesitation, unlike sending out memo physically. This email that was copied to me is exactly what the sender was trying to do, to humiliate my colleague. I wrote back immediately with an even nasty and sarcastic remark, I told the retard that if he doesn’t pull back what he wrote, and make a public apology, I am gonna go to his office, punch his face, take anything hard with a diameter of a lot bigger than that of Ron Jeremy prick and shove it up his ass hard till he bleed. No, I wish I could say that, I wrote back to him saying that if he were trying to show just how smart he was to the big shots, then what he did was not quite a right way. If he has something to say, please direct it to only the relevant people, what he just did was not ethical as to expose one weaknesses to others. The moron wrote back saying some stupid justifications that I could not really comprehend, but I wrote back telling him that the real issue there was not much of the ill-content of his email, but the act of copying the brainless email to non relevant people (and it happen to be some big shots up there) that really pissed me off. No reply since then, I hope his pea-brain has the capacity of processing what my exact point was.


~ by pickholes on February 25, 2007.

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