Come on….do the locomotion with me..

I read today the news with a heading “The American-Australian Alliance remains rock-solid”.

Charm..…I’d say you could have a cock-solid relationship for all I fucking care… 

Dick Cheney was in Australia recently, lets say he barely made it there coz the Air force 2 was reportedly encountering some mechanical problem en route Australia. The plane was diverted to Singapore for some repair. Just count your blessing Dickhead Cheney.. 

We all have to laugh hard at Australia’s PM John Howard. I swear, he is so hilariously funny dude. The Australians have done a darn good job at electing and keeping, for a quite sometime now, a very funny twerp to be their PM….

For one, he is trying hard to impress the US and Britain for unknown or practically no reason whatsoever. He is so inferior to be just by himself or making its own decisions as a sovereign nation, without US or Britain. In doing so, he will have to blindly support or echo exactly what the US or Britain says without much main processing activity up his own head. Imagine recently he echoed the US by saying that the Australia would also increase its military presence by sending another 70 trainers to assist the Iraqi troops. He added exactly what the Gates guy in Washington said that any withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq would embolden terrorists and increase the bloodshed. He, who obviously has nothing to do with US upcoming presidential election even had the nerve to blast Obama off for his proposed phased withdrawal from Iraq just for the sake of impressing the Whitehouse, I mean, hey who the heck are you…

And the funny part of this was not long after that, Tony Blair announced its troop withdrawal. John Howard was dumbfucked and didn’t really figure how to react but eventually said a US-copycat remark that a withdrawal of a coalition troop was a sign of a success and fact was he had known for six months that Britain would reduce its forces.

Boo hoo….shame on you.. 


~ by pickholes on February 27, 2007.

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