SPM result is out on 12 March

SPM result will be out on 12 March 2007, being praying for my daughter. Just the thought of it gave me a goosebump, I don’t remember being this nervous when I was waiting for my result.

I was just over the phone with her, she was on the way back from MRSM Jasin getting her principal recommendation letter for an RCSI admission interview she has to attend next week. MARA and JPA have started advertising on papers and their website on details of programs, loans, scholarship, syarat-syarat and all etc. I have gone through them, and advised my daughter to keep herself updated with the development.  



~ by pickholes on March 5, 2007.

8 Responses to “SPM result is out on 12 March”

  1. RCSI is just some old building that i went for jamming session, badminton, some yucks gym, snooker down in the dungeon. other than that. i see dead people everywhere.

    not everyone can be a doctor 🙂

  2. oh lupa…

    sallalahuala wasalam…..

  3. yes, not everyone can be a doc, praying that my daughter is not just that “everyone”…

  4. orait tu sheikh asalkan ade keje sudah nway aku tak sabar nak gi gym lagi ni semangat kobar² nih tadi dah buat chest esok buat back ngan abs skali la ok tu je

  5. rabu ni camne ko dah gerak dubai? kite gi gym sblm ko gerak leh? nanti suruh ar boy drive tak la penat sangat nanti sana belikan glove untuk angkat berat kalau boleh la hehehe. (badan tak naik lagi tapi rase dah stiff bagus tu) betul tak skeihk

  6. wokay bro…semanagt tu penting…

  7. hw i get SPM 2006 result by website ? wat web site?…. thx alot pls email 2 pak88pak@hotmail.com

  8. i will defenitely getting straight A1

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