The whole truth, nothing but …

“Big dude back home” declared 5 properties and no business interest, NST, 4 March 2007.

OMG… he is SOOO innocent, shame on those who have made such slanderous accusation! 

To declare your asset before the ACA Disciplinary Management Center does not actually tell anything, it’s meaningless. You declare what you want to tell people, and obviously I don’t think no fool will declare something that will eventually land his ass into some deep shits or something. Hence, the legal lingo “telling the truth, the whole truth nothing but the truth”. 

It means not only that you have to declare what is true but you have to also declare the whole truth nothing but the truth. You don’t want any lawless asshole to get away with anything just by telling the truth while holding back the blunders.  

OK just leave the ACA bastard rotten alone, and figure this for a sec…

Most Corrupt World Leaders and alleged embezzlement

  1. Indonesia Suharto, USD15-35bn

  2. Philippines Ferdinand Marcos, USD5-10bn

  3. Congo, Democratic Republic of the Mobutu Sese Seko, USD5bn

  4. Nigeria Sani Abacha, USD2-5bn

  5. Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia) Slobodan Milosevic, USD1bn

  6. Haiti J-C Duvalier, USD300-800m

  7. Peru Alberto Fujimori, USD600m

  8. Ukraine Pavlo Lazarenko, USD114-200m

  9. Nicaragua Arnoldo Aleman, USD100m

  10. Philippines Joseph Estrada, USD78-80m

Not bad huh… the first two comes out of Asia; at least the Asians have something to be proud of…


~ by pickholes on March 6, 2007.

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