Linda Onn chicken-out at the Academy Award

Her mommy chicken rice really goes with her true personality this time.

I read about the “missing Linda” issue and wondered just since when the local artists are so picky about dresses, as far as I know the local pin-ups bunch are dying without a second thought to put on anything glittering and free. Truth is she just chicken out, poor baby – a typical jaguh kampong. Star TV Vice president was reported saying the ‘momma chick rice’ chick was just not well prepared to host the event, and some said she was nervous as hell just a day before the event. A down right waste..


~ by pickholes on March 7, 2007.

6 Responses to “Linda Onn chicken-out at the Academy Award”

  1. She CHICKENED out (nasi ayam, geddit?) because her command of the English language is weak. Being able to speak English is one thing; being able to CONVERSE with native-English speakers (Americans, Brits, et. al.) is completely another thing. So, lesson is.. PERGI BALIK KE SEKOLAH, CIK LINDA ONN!

  2. mybe her face was still not in perfect shape from geting the injection tats why she chicken rice… this is a fact i made up but please consider this could be true as u know celeb would go all the way in big events.. uci…..

  3. lupe lak sheikh ari ni gi uae harap selamat semua. mesti best tu especially si hakim but hopefully they dont get tired n fell asleep along the fun . taking caring

  4. I wonder why now they said she got problem in English??? Then why at the first place the people from Star Movies choose her so who are really stupid linda onn or people who choose her???? Ala even siti nurhaliza pun speaking malay during her concert in London so what big deal??? The second thing is why suddenly they sent in hurry the dress last minute padahal they know that she already have her own designer so why yang lain nak sibuk2 plak…. ???? Anyway I really salute for your stand Linda Onn. Even my previous company also have a lot of people who got a degree and speaking very good english yang berbunga-bunga tapi dari segi mentality hancur…. tak kreatif, malas nak fikir banyak…. hasil kerja pun serupa budak sekolah jugak…. harap cakap english konon nampak macam kelas konon…. So all the englishman out there… please improve on your atitude… Good “English” doesn’t prove you are really efficient people but the important is the way you think….

  5. can’t believe you guys swallow that bulat2.. i pity you guys..

    Let’s talk about professionalism, shall we?

    Linda has had a press conference on the 20th February, after she got selected and have told the press that she was going to wear Jovian’s dress. Everyone was happy about it. And NO ONE said anything. Not a word. Even that Nini Yusof from STAR MOVIE did not say anything about it.

    Thus, how does sending the ‘replacement dress’ from a so-called ‘popular’ Malaysian designer at the very very very very (read: many very) last minute indicate professionalism? Come on! Academy Awards is a 5-star event and you’re sending the dress only the night before? And without any fitting process for Linda too? I mean, is Star Movie/Nini Yusof really that dumb? Or… ‘ada udang sebalik mee hoon rebus’ niii…?

    And now they’re saying Linda Onn is not professional? Whoaaa.. see what the ‘corrupted’ ones can do when they have all the power! And then just spin the story a bit and Linda has to take all the blame for it. Nice one!

    I think and I know Linda Onn is not that dumb to let go of the opportunity she has in front of her. Somehow, I have this inkling that she was threatened… “If you don’t wear that, you will….” , but that remains as a only my speculation.

    I just truly hate people who abuse their power and position to manipulate other people. I truly despise that. Somehow, I truly feel that Linda Onn is one the victims. Linda Onn may not be in my top 100 favourite celebrity or something… but she earns my respect for standing up for herself. Bravo!

  6. oh please…it is obvious–the woman has a poor command of english. either that or, there she was thinking that she was the the cinderella of the night when…lo and behold – nicole kidman, & halle berry walked in–and next to them, she was just a 3-foot baby who was after all cinderella’s sister after all.

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