Jihad Ekonomi Melayu

Delegates at the 2-day Congress lament no-show of GLC CEOs, as reported by local daily. O well…. just give it a good thought on why many GLC CEOs failed to attend. 

What is Jihad Ekonomi Melayu actually. Is there any difference than the all-time-popular 30% bumi benchmarking thingy. Can we just concentrate on NEP without introducing anything new which is more or less coming down to the same agenda? The NEP is seemed mean enough to poor people of other races and of late, it has becoming a bit sensitive. And now we are introducing a Jihad….quite an offensive terminology if taken literally. Frankly, I read and I don’t see the significance of introducing this jihad initiative, if it boils down to the same old thing of helping the bumiputera to achieve the 30% equity share of economy cake.  

Just why the heck weren’t there top guns in GLC linked companies attended the 2-day congress. No 1 and no 2 of Pemuda said these people didn’t take this event seriously, no shit..but why. 

Our GLC are run by mostly (I said mostly) business oriented people. Though they are well equipped with the NEP gears (embossed in their brains), so by end of the day they know that they have to deliver towards meeting NEP, they are professional. Mind you, these people are bunch of well learned people who recognize and responsive to market and economic reality. They acknowledge that meeting NEP target goes in line with the whole country economic growth, and not with any preferred race economic growth. Fact is the growth is measured by the level of economic income of the country, again not by income of any race specific group. In other words, I reckon the CEOs just couldn’t see how hopping in the Jihad wagon while chanting some stupid racist mantra will actually help boosting the economy and hence meeting NEP target. If only there was an impact out of this congress, it would probably be a more inter-races tenses that obviously would not help the economy.

Next, try out something else…

O.. one more thing, before I forget, baba dear (*gasp..*)…you can marry anyone you feel like, do I care? no. Just get your act together and start behaving like a premier. Don’t skip nap time and do sleep well at night, so you’ll be fresh the next morning and be alert the whole day. And pur..leease… don’t make it so sensational with your rumors denial and rebuff as if you are an artist or something, man… (I need to puke..)


~ by pickholes on March 11, 2007.

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