Mahmoud Abbas to meet Ehud Olmert

I don’t understand why these two leaders even bother to meet. This could probably be the zillionth meeting that the two leaders had, and ironically not a thing has so far came out from any of these summits. This kinda of meeting is no longer a breaking news to the world. 

But, read on here, I’d be damn if this is not a breaking news – Israel recalls naked, drunk ambassador” 

Extracted from, Israel recalled its ambassador to El Salvador after he was found on the streets of the capital drunk and wearing only bondage gear, a foreign ministry official said on Monday. According to Israel’s Maariv newspaper, police in the Salvadoran capital found Israeli ambassador, Tsuriel Rephael, on the streets two weeks ago. He was bound and gagged with sado-masochistic sex accessories.

Israel has been rocked by a series of corruption and sex scandals – including one involving President Moshe Katsav – that shook public confidence in the political leadership. Rephael’s scandal is one of several involving Israeli diplomats in recent years.

In 2000, Israel’s ambassador to France died of cardiac arrest in a Paris hotel but the foreign ministry refused to provide details about the incident. Media reports said at the time that he was with a woman who was not his wife.

Last year, Israel replaced its ambassador to Australia, Naftali Tamir, after he said Israel and Australia are “like sisters” because both are located in Asia and their peoples don’t have the Asian characteristics of “yellow skin and slanted eyes.”

And in 2005, Israel canceled the appointment of a diplomat to Australia after it was discovered that he published pictures of nude Brazilian women on the Internet while on a mission in Brazil.

Last year, Israel’s diplomatic service was criticized by the public watchdog for its appointments system. The state comptroller’s report singled out the foreign ministry appointments committee for its inadequate examination of candidates and lack of transparency.


~ by pickholes on March 13, 2007.

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