Moskito Island: British Virgin Islands



The island, located in the North Sound just off shore from Anguilla Point, Virgin Gorda was bought by Sir Richard Branson  recently. The price tag was £10million! This is his second Caribbean island; the first one is Necker Island, another island that he bought in 1976, just one and half miles from Moskito.

He plans to turn the island into a luxury resort for ecofriendly families. It will become a Balinesestyle resort which would be powered by wind, wave or solar power. He said, “Come back in five years and you’ll find a mini-Bali with a rainforest in the Caribbean. Homes will be built Balinese -style from sustainable materials. There will be wind and wave power to generate electricity and power. There will be electric buggies but no cars.”

Well, that’s nice Mr Branson. This comes from a person who travels to the shortest distance by air, emitting gases harming the ozone layer which shields our earth from harmful ultraviolet light. Just see how money can really make people listen to talk-craps!


~ by pickholes on March 24, 2007.

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  1. Interesting page:) Will definitely visit again..

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