Answer the phone by the third ring!!

Even I sometime fail to answer my own mobile phone by third ring..!

Service with a smile – Sidek was probably high on some unprescribed medications. O.. well, at least he was babbling on something good.


The Chief Secretary to the Malaysian Government , Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan said he had advised secretaries-general and heads of departments to make unannounced visits at public counters nationwide.  “This is to gauge what is really happening and how we can further improve. I have visited counters unannounced and have found some to be quite good. It is better to watch without being known so that we see the people in real action,” he said.  

He stressed that the most important part of service was speed (yeah..tell us about it…). “Everyone expects to be served fast, be it at the government departments, banks and even at restaurants. I would rather be served fast with or without a smile rather than not served at all; but the best and ideal service is being fast with a smile,” he said.    Sidek said counter staff were required to not only provide fast service, but to do so with a smile too.  He also wants: 

DEPARTMENTS to compete and challenge themselves to upgrade their services; 

TELEPHONE calls to be answered at least by the third ring; 

DEPARTMENTS to revisit their respective Client Charters and implement them, and: 

MINISTRIES, government departments and agencies to make payments to vendors supplying goods and services within 14 days.   He cited practices for Best Counter Service (bear with me on this will you…, and please don’t laugh..)


  1. Always prioritise customers. 

  2. To serve with honour, competence and warmth. 

  3. To always smile and demonstrate good manners. 

  4. To serve with speed and efficiency. 

  5. To be always dressed in a neat and clean manner. 

  6. To maintain a straight body posture 

  7. To ensure the cleanliness around. 

  8. To look customers in the eye when speaking. 

  9. To ensure safety of all documents handed. 

  10. To watch one’s temperament in the event of a difficult customer. 


  1. No eating, drinking and smoking at the counter. 

  2. Not to be engage in small chatter, reading magazines or other idle practices. 

  3. No leaving the counter without a replacement. 

  4. No answering of handphones or replying SMSes when dealing with a customer. 

  5. No scolding or raising one’s voice to a customer. 

  6. To not assume one’s duty as a burden. 

 Now people…pick up that phone and give it a trial..


~ by pickholes on March 27, 2007.

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