Stupidity is contagious

Stupidity is contagious, if you mingle too much with stupids, you’ll catch one. Blair is such a fool (obviously he picked that up from bush). The fool, instead of saying sorry and expressing regret over the illegal entry of its sailors into Iranian water, has referred the matter to UN Security Council, European Union and Bush. Failed to get the much needed support from SC or UN, now the situation is getting thornier with more and more brainless remarks uttered by Bush. You know just how much Iran hates the US guts! The best that Blair should have done at the first place was to say sorry and expressing his regret, duly admitted the mistake for entering illegally into Iranian water, and by diplomacy leniency, the Iranian would probably have released the sailors without charges.

But God must love Blair for He has send Blair another kidnapping case for him to prove to his people that he would not again screw up (by consulting Bush). In Nigeria, Gunmen in two speedboats abducted a British oil worker in a pre-dawn raid on a drilling rig 64km off the coast of Nigeria yesterday. The gunmen’s vessel moored to the offshore rig, overpowered the crew, then climbed on to the rig and seized the Briton. The Foreign Office in London confirmed the abduction. If Blair is a man with the competence to think using his own common sense, he would do something right this time – to consult the Nigerian authorities to try to secure a swift and peaceful resolution


~ by pickholes on April 1, 2007.

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